and Evolution

and Evolution

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Our goals

Our mission is to be a benchmark in the engineering polymers market. We constantly pursue this goal thanks to the care of the relationship with the customer and a focus on the quality of our products. The immense quantites and quality of products that we put on the market every year are the result of the commitment and passion of the team that in Polimast allows to create value and satisfaction for our customers. Polimast operates today with a view to evolution that lays its foundation in the company tradition and in the concept of quality that has always distinguished the product over the years: history as a basis for innovation and respond to future challenges. We believe that the key to collecting new successes is a customer-friendly approach in which the concept of service is fundamental.

Creating value today means going beyond just the product but evaluating the product-service and the solution for the application. For this purpose we provide the customer with a quick service and efficient technical support. On a daily basis, we strive to maintain customer relationships by offering a problem-solving service. Tradition, innovation and evolution is the key concept for meeting future challenges. The entrepreneurial ability that has marked the history of the company is still the driving force that sustains the passion and talent of the people who work in Polimast. Our company is committed to implementing a strategy to lay the foundations for a new economy in which development advances in the name of environmental sustainability.


Our manufacturing and marketing background for technopolymers:

  • 1982

    Daunia Polimeri Founders
    Dr. Nicola Maffulli & Sons

  • 1997

    Daunia Trading Founders Sons Maffulli

  • 2001

    Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2000

  • 2006

    Certificates UL

  • 2020

    POLIMAST is born